After graduating from the Beaux-Arts de Lyon (2014), Élise Planhard continued her studies at the HEAR in Strasbourg (2015-2018).

It is during her studies that she discovered ceramics, which became her preferred medium. Clay and glaze become new empirical horizons in her work, constantly pushing her to experiment and gradually set up a real luxuriant formal laboratory. Her practice is akin to that of a gardener.

Through her particular attention to objects and elements of everyday life, she seeks to create landscapes where the material can give free rein to surprise and the strange. It is in this state of mind that she continues to move forward between a studio life in Strasbourg and outside, as she did during her residency at the Beaux-Arts municipaux de Châteauroux (2019). Her work has been exhibited in France but also in the United States and Bulgaria.


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